World Leaders Respond to the Capitol Riot


Pro-Trump Protesters Storm Capitol Building

Rowen Vincent, Writer

Following the riot at the Capitol Building on January 6, leaders from around the world respond with disgust, worry, and support for the “center of all democracy.”

After pro-Trump supporters stormed the Capitol last Wednesday, many world leaders have sent their responses, both supporting the United States and putting us down. “It is not what message it sends to our enemies, but the message it sends to our allies,” Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said this morning. The US’s enemies worldwide may now have a dangerous idea in their head… if a few protesters can break into the Capitol, what can a full army do? But more so, what message does this send to our friends worldwide? As the leader of a powerful alliance, (NATO), as the center of democracy, we mustn’t show weakness. But we did. 

Turkish President Recep Tayyip tweeted, “We follow the events in the USA with concern and invite the parties to calmness. We believe that problems will always be solved within law and democracy. As Turkey, we have always been in favor of the law and democracy and we recommend it to everyone.” Tayyip is infamously known as a dictator worldwide, but has used this situation to project strength and democracy in Turkey, yet another example of how our enemies could take advantage of this situation. 

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, the most powerful politician in Europe, responded with disappointment, saying, “I deeply regret that President Trump has not conceded his defeat, since November and again yesterday. Doubts about the election outcome were stoked and created the atmosphere that made the events of last night possible.” 

Further disappointment from Trump’s allies worldwide came in almost immediately, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu calling Trump and his protesters “Disgraceful”. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also called it disgraceful, saying on Twitter, “The United States stands for democracy around the world- it is vital that there should be an peaceful and orderly transition of power.” Hearing this from the President’s closest allies worldwide is huge, and on top of the riot on the Capitol itself, it is most likely what pressured him to admit defeat in the election.