“Wonder Woman 1984” Movie Review

Bonus Review To Start Off 2021!


Will Zhang, Staff Writer

    I have just watched the movie “Wonder Woman 1984”, and I would like to state my opinion on it. The movie is an American Superhero Film released recently based on DC comics Wonder Woman. It is the sequel of the 2017 “Wonder Woman” movie.

    After the events of the first “Wonder Woman”, we skip over roughly 6 and a half decades to 1984. In the sequel (“Wonder Woman 1984”), a mysterious crystal is dug up and sent to a researching department of a museum. Among the staff at the museum is Diana Prince or Wonder Woman, who quickly senses that the crystal is an anomalous one. But before Diana could do anything about it, a businessman falling out of prosperity by the name of Max Lord ‘borrows’ the crystal, leading to seemingly synchronous amounts of strange things happening…

    Gal Gadot, the actress of Diana Prince was overall a good actor. Showing obvious emotional distress in some parts of the movie, yet remaining almost impossibly calm during most of the movie. Pedro Pascal, well known for playing the Mandalorian in “The Mandalorian” played Max Lord in “WW84”. His performance was of a proud, overconfident and business like when it comes to advertisements on the outside, but being emotionally slaughtered in his personal life, struggling as a businessman. He did a near perfect job at all of these aspects, and on set he was perfectly imitating mental breakdowns and stress. Pedro also did a wonderful job at portraying an overambitious businessman too. Kristen Wiig did a good, but nevertheless mediocre job at playing Barbara Minerva, or the Cheetah. Barbara was a shy, yet bright and warm person with poor self esteem. She later became the Cheetah, effectively reversing Barbara’s traits. She only did an okay job due to the fact that she wasn’t anything special compared to other actors/actresses. Chris Pine played Steve Trevor, being an incredibly normal yet influential character. Steve had introduced Diana to the ‘World of Man’ when she left the magical island called ‘Themyscira’. Steve had also been an incredibly important character in the first movie. His role wasn’t as big in the most recent movie when compared to the last movie, making his role not much of importance. He did do a good job nonetheless.

    The movie overall was great, with a good plotline, story, and everything in between. However, it has liabilities that the first movie didn’t possess. It was more of a straight-forward plot, from early in the movie. The first movie was almost the same- but at the end it had a controversial twist. Overall though, everything was solid and very good.

    The moral of the movie was ultimately that if you take shortcuts in order to achieve greatness and cheat at the expense of others, you will end up going nowhere. Max Lord tried to cheat, but it backfired and almost ended catastrophically, including both the USA and at the time the Soviet Union firing their medium-range nuclear missiles at each other.

    “Wonder Woman 1984” is rated PG-13, due to the fact that there is violence and swears. Not much of the latter one, but a truckload of the first one. Despite the action, there is little to none gore in the fight scenes, but however there are guns and explosions. For children extremely young and susceptible to become frightened at the sight of a scary metahuman cheetah and many fight scenes, I would not recommend this movie. Virtually all other audiences probably can tolerate the movie, as it isn’t scary or has strong gore content.

    The movie overall in my point of view is a strong 9.5 out of 10 crystals, because of the movie’s plot and content. Despite that, it lacks a twist and/or sacrifice, which are both key components to good stories/movies.