Like me Pt. 2

Like me Pt. 2

Ethan Murch and Mason Motes, Creative Writing



Ring Ring! Birdie slammed her hand on her nightstand alarm clock. “Ugh.” Groaned Birdie. She sat up and looked at her closet, thinking of what she wanted to wear. Suddenly Birdie came to the horrible realization that Avery was gone. Avery was gone. Birdie blinked and rubbed her eyes, the morning light was peering through her window and into her room.  Then she thought that this couldn’t be happening, so she ran into her bathroom, and splashed some cold water on her face. But Birdie suddenly saw Avery sitting on the counter holding a tube of lipstick, there was also lipstick on the mirror, the lipstick on the mirror spelled out; “STOP” 


With that Birdie slammed the bathroom door and burst out of her room while screaming “MOM! DAD!” Tears were streaming down her face. There was terror in Birdie’s bright blue eyes.


That night, she slept with the light on. It was hard to go to sleep with it, but she insisted it should be on while she slept that night so that Avery couldn’t get her because Avery must only move in the dark.