Death of Alex Trebek


Keira Vipani, Writer

30 year long Jeopardy host, Alex Trebek died on November 8 2020 after living a fulfilling 80 years. Alex died due to the stage 4 pancreas cancer he was diagnosed with about more than a year ago. Stage 4 is the most severe level of cancer that one could have, so the death of Alex wasn’t too sudden for his wife, Jean Currivan Trebek. Though his death wasn’t too shocking for the family, Alex’s fans and Jeopardy watchers will miss him dearly. 


Alex was married to Jean when he passed, who had been with him since 1990. Before Jean, Alex was married to Elaine Callei Trebek who he married in 1974 and divorced in 1981. Alex and Jean first met in 1988 at a Party in New York and hit it off so they started dating and that led to marriage. Jean is now 56 and Alex was 80 and as Jean says, “ Alex admits that they had reservations about their 24-year age gap,” but that didn’t stop them from their love. Alex’s former wife Elaine is now 57 years old. She was a Playboy Bunny in the 60’s and her first husband was Louis Callei, later ending up marrying Alex. 


Alex was a philanthropist who wanted to give back to the community and do good with his money. Alex wasn’t one who was in desperate need of money with his $75 million dollars, but he felt the need to help those who were not so fortunate. Trebek was known for helping homeless people and homeless shelters, Pancreatic Cancer research, University of Ottawa, Land for the Public and finally,  Musk ox. Alex helped with Pancreatic Cancer Research because he was diagnosed and he wanted to help others with the eliminating disease, along with his alma mater, University of Ottawa. 


Alex Trebek can also be known as a family man as has two kids, Emily Trebek and Matthew Trebek. Emily is a television personality, meaning that she has made appearances on the television throughout her whole life. She works as a real estate agent but she gets her most fame from her father. Matthew Trebek works at a restaurant as he said he is very passionate about the restaurant and hospitality industry. Emily and Matthew are Jean and Alex’s children but when Alex was with his first wife Elaine they couldn’t have kids and so they adopted a girl named Nicky. 


Nicky was 6 when Alex and Elaine had gotten married and so when Alex married Jean, Nicky was only a few years apart from Jean. Jean considers herself to be more friends with Nicky than her stepmother because she has a personality that mixes and adds some rock n roll to the family. Nicky worked as a behind the scenes person for Jeopardy and she worked alongside her father, just not on the stage. Nicky tells all that she has a bond and a special feeling when she is working behind the scenes of Jeopardy that you only get doing what she does. 

Trebek gained many fans working for 30 years as a talk-show host. Alex didn’t ignore his fans, instead he gave them some speeches and he cared for them. Many people are now mourning his loss because not a lot of people are willing to donate millions of dollars to something in need, but Alex Trebek did. Alex Trebek was willing to give his love and money to support charities, colleges and research. People will remember Alex as a man who did good for the world, who inspired and gave hope.