Hand of God

Hand of God

Will Beauregard, Writer


It was the 1986 world cup when Argentina was playing England they were tied 2-2 when Diego Maradona looked to have scored a goal with his hand. When another player on the English national team crossed the ball to Maradona he went up for a header and the ball hit his hand.


But the ref of the game did not see that they called it a goal, players on England’s team were furious as Maradona was uploaded and carried off the field.


Later refs and announcers reviewed the play and they clearly saw the player’s hand hit the ball before his head made contact with the ball. After 19 years of the controversial goal in 2005 Maradona confessed that the goal he scored was with his hand.


The goal was later announced as The Hand Of God because if they did not end up winning that game they would not have gone and won the world cup against west Germany. With a 3-2 win on them.


This goal scored will go down in history as one of the worst calls in ref history.