Snoop Dogg’s First Vote

Snoop Dogg's First Vote

Keira Vipani, Writer

The common known rapper, Snoop Dogg is voting for the first time ever in 2020. Snoop Dogg reveals that he has never voted before in his life but he will do this year. Snoop Dogg says that he doesn’t want Donald Trump as president any longer and he “doesn’t want to see this punk in the office any longer.” 


Snoop Dogg states that he was led to believe that he wasn’t allowed to vote for the single reason of his criminal record. Snoop Dogg was a convicted felon in 1990 and again in 2007. Snoop Dogg tells USA Today News, “For many years they had me brainwashed thinking that you couldn’t vote because you had a criminal record,” the rapper said. “I didn’t know that. My record’s been expunged so now I can vote.” The musician is now clear that he is allowed to put his rights forward and vote for his selected person in office.


Snoop Dogg wants to recognize the wrong and call it out but he also wants to do something about it and not only be all talk. Snoop Dogg wants people to stay safe and if they want to they should protest about what they think is right. The rapper stayed as positive as possible in quarantine and he has stayed safe and healthy. 


Though Snoop Dogg has not been outside to protest and to stand in a crowd, he is still spreading his beliefs by music and his platform. Along with him, other celebrities have been protesting either at home and promoting there or in the streets, holding signs and wearing messages on their t-shirts. 


Though it is only one vote, Snoop Dogg is a large influencer to the public and if he makes his political beliefs public, this can sway others to follow him and vote as well. Snoop Dogg did tell the public that he is voting for Biden and Harris because he disagrees and doesn’t stand for what President Donald Trump has to say and what the president believes. 


Since America is a democracy and the citizens get a voice, Snoop Dogg believes that it is only fair for him to say what he has to say and express himself if he doesn’t agree with who is currently in office. Snoop Dogg has made it clear that he doesn’t think President Donald Trump is doing good as a president and that he isn’t the right fit, so America should find one. 


The rapper says that he voted because black lives are in danger and so he had to fix what he thought was the problem, and tell people his idea to encourage others to recognize what is happening and make a change. Snoop Dogg tells all that he doesn’t want to say things and make people think that he will do something, and then do nothing about what he was talking about. He wants to make sure that he will do anything in his power to help black people’s lives be equal and he truly believes  taking President Donald Trump out of the White House is what will solve this huge problem.