Beef Stew

Aaliyah Richardson, Writer

Beef stew is perfect for cold days. My family usually eats it during winter. I won’t recommend it on hot days because then it really warms you up and on hot days you just what ice cream or something cold. When it’s winter, it is best to eat because it will make you warm. This is also a healthy dish. My family usually makes it at home but you can also get it at Mesob Ethiopian Restaurant. This dish consists of meat, potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, oil, and water.

I would highly recommend it if you have picky kids and for anyone in general. It is really good and healthy if you decide to make it at home, and is better homemade especially from my personal view.  It may take a long time but it’s totally worth it.  You could have bread or crackers with it and any other way is delicious too. I personally have not tried the restaurant but I think the restaurants will still taste good because usually, I think homemade food is better than restaurant food. Sorry but not sorry. By the way, I would cook it a few hours before dinner time because it could take a little while.


2 cups of water 

3 pounds boneless chucks 

Two cans of green beans

Two teaspoons of salt

One teaspoon of pepper 

3 teaspoons of olive oil


Cut the meat if it’s not already cut

Add the salt and Peper

Grab a pot to cook the meat in

Then put it on the stove and wait until your meat is a brownish color

Add your two cups of water and your olive oil

Add your two cans of green beans

Have the stove at a low temp  and wait about 45 mins