Like me Pt. 1

Like me Pt. 1

Ethan Murch and Mason Motes, Creative Writing



Birdie was walking between two grubby buildings. She felt her feet touching the cold, dirty, pavement. Birdie saw a little shoot coming from the building and into a dumpster. She heard a clunking noise coming from the shoot, shortly after this she saw a beautiful but ruined doll come out with red locks just like her’s, and the eye color was blue like hers. The doll was wearing a light blue bonnet with white dots, complemented with a pretty light blue blouse, and the doll was also wearing a white skirt.


 Birdie loved it the moment she saw it. She skipped over to the dumpster and grabbed it. Birdie realized it had a little bit of dirt and scuffing on it. Then she realized that the doll had its back cut open with stuffing hanging out and the doll looked as if it had its left hand cut off. Birdie thought that the local toy store owner could fix the doll.


So later that afternoon, Birdie with the doll clutched in one hand, and 40 bucks in the other, walked over to the toy store. Once Birdie arrived, she talked to Jim (the store owner). She asked him if he could fix it. So he replied, “Birdie, that’s a rare doll ya got there, I’ll fix it in a jiffy. But you gotta take very, very good care of her. You hear me?” 

“Yessir!” Birdie exclaimed. 


The wood creaked as Jim walked in the back of the shop to fix the doll. A few seconds later Jim said from the back of the shop, “Birdie this might take a while, so if you want, you can leave.” 

“Okay,” Birdie said back. And with that Birdie strutted out the door.


About four hours later, Birdie started back to the toy store owner, her bike flicking up gravel as she peddled onward. She thought back to when she found the doll and wondered why the doll had looked so beaten up. Then she thought nevermind that. She was so excited that she almost felt the need to scream in delight. Once Birdie arrived, she quickly tore off her helmet and threw her bike aside. And she darted in the store. Jim was sitting in a chair reading a book, as his eyes met her gaze. “Ahh, Birdie, nice to see you again. Well, are you looking for your doll?” “Yes, I am.” Birdie assured him.


In response, he walked in the back and grabbed the doll. Then Jim walked over to the counter (where Birdie was) and said, “That’ll be 30 dollars. But before I give you this doll you gotta name her” So Birdie thought and came up with the name “Avery.” She handed him the 40 bucks. In exchange, Jim handed her Avery and $10. 

To be continued. . .