Rock Climbing at Ubergrippen

Rock Climbing at Ubergrippen

Perrin Swientisky, Writer

Ubergrippen is an awesome place to rock climb and to start rock climbing. That is where I first started to climb and I love it now. Anyone can rock climb and boulder. Ubergrippen has climbing classes, camps, yoga, bouldering, and other fun activities. 

People can choose to boulder which is very similar to rock climbing. It is located at the top of Ubergrippen. You will notice that the walls to climb are very short. That is because you don’t use ropes and you free climb. People usually have chalk to help them. 

Rock climbing is where you have a rope and you climb more of the bigger walls. There are easier walls to climb on if you are just learning or practicing.  There are easier walls and harder walls. Also, a cool thing that Ubergripping does is if you don’t have a person to belay you, you can climb a ride that has an auto belay. Once you climb closer to the top it pulls in the slack and barely lifts up. 

If you want to climb and you don’t have a membership then you would need to pay for the day. If you don’t have a harness then you will need to rent that.

I would give Ubergrippen 4  stars. Other than the price for the memberships or the day it is a really fun and nice place to climb.