Restaurant Who Feeds Homeless Almost Closes Until Donations Pour In

Restaurant Who Feeds Homeless Almost Closes Until Donations Pour In

Sophie Lyons, Writer

Sakina Halal Grill is a restaurant in Washington DC that gives free meals to homeless people but was starting to lose money because of the pandemic. Their financials never seemed to be a problem even with the free meals until the beginning of the pandemic in early March. Luckily, donations for the generous restaurant saved it.

Kazi Mannan started Sakina Halal Grill in 2013 to help people in need. His restaurant was built in the middle of a commercial part of DC full of offices and hotels who were his main customers so when the pandemic hit, it took a great toll on him since no one was going to hotels and people were working from home. Mannan states, “We had never asked for donations, but with the pandemic, we had no choice.”

Mannan asked his employees to set up a GoFundMe page to save his restaurant. “We tried to survive on our own, but at the point we were at it was like, ‘What can we do? Everything is over.’ Then we decided to ask the public if they can rescue the restaurant so we can continue our mission, so we can continue to pay the staff of the restaurant, so we can continue to provide jobs.” With many supporters, Sakina Halal grill managed to surpass their goal of getting $250,000 and in under a week were left with $300,000 to keep this unselfish restaurant afloat.

By November 25, Kazi Mannan was able to confirm that his restaurant will still be able to serve anyone in need and employ jobs. “…now I have tears of joy that I received such a tremendous amount of support from all over the world,” Mannan said. “I appreciate every person who participated … Whether with their best wishes or their donations, they made this dream alive again.” And this act of kindness has shown many people just how much good can be in this world in spite of the pandemic.