The Colonization of Pluto


Declan Lombardo, Writer

The first Pluto base has been constructed. It is January 19, 7256 and NASA Engineers have finished setting up the first ever Pluto base. It has taken five years for them to set it up but the NASA Engineers are very proud of their accomplishment.


The bases are somewhat similar to those on Mars which have all rounded corridors and rounded rooms along with the fact that the spacesuit attaches to the hatch itself however the space suits are required to have magnetic boots because of the very low gravitational pull of Pluto’s atmosphere.


The supplies have been transported from the Mars base constructed back in 4125. billions of dollars worth of materials were used to construct the spaceships, get the fuel and the materials to Pluto and in the spaceships. The people on Pluto will have to cycle even more often than the people on Mars so we will be seeing a lot of maintenance on the Pluto base and if anything ever goes wrong they have an emergency escape rocket.