Thanksgiving in Football


Max Donnelly, Writer

Thanksgiving is a tradition in the NFL, they play 3 games every thanksgiving and a lot of teams give back to the community. This year when covid is happening the community needed even more support. This year there were only 2 games because one of the games got postponed from covid. Adrian Peterson donated 100,000 meals to people in need. It is a tradition that the Lions to play every year on thanksgiving and the Cowboys have played a lot on thanksgiving and their record on thanksgiving is 31-20-1 . 


This year the Cowboys played the Washington Football team. The other game that happened was the Detroit Lions against the Houstan Texans. In the Lions game the Texans destroyed the Lions 41 to 25 and that was the final blow and the Lions fired their coach Matt Patrica. The Lions still have not found a coach.  The Cowboys game the Washington Football team destroyed the Cowboys 41 to 16. 


The Ravens against Steelers game was postponed to Tuesday December 1st and many players that would play in that game have covid issues. Mathew Staford threw one touchdown in their game and tied the record for most passing touchdowns on thanksgiving which was 18. This year was the 84th annual year of thanksgiving football and the first game was the lions against the bears. This year in the lions game there were 3 turnovers for the lions in 8 plays for the lions.