Creepy Carnival

Creepy Carnival

Katherine Essien, writer

I walked around the carnival lost and scared, I had came to the carnival with my  friends Emma and Abigail but they somehow disappeared leaving me in a crowd of people and and with no ride home.  I called and got no response so I went to get a pretzel and to calm down but then I saw Emma’s little sister, Mia.


“What are you doing here?” I asked 


 “I’m here with my friend” Mia replied 


 “Does your mom know you’re here?” I asked in confusion 


“No” Mia replied 


“Ok, but where is your friend” I asked 


“I don’t know they left” said Mia 


“Oh thats weird. But have you seen your sister?” I asked


“No” said Mia 


“Ok, stay close to me” I said


We walked in circles for 15 minutes and I noticed how many clowns there are and how weird the decorations were but I didn’t think about that much since we were lost and had no luck finding Emma and Abigail. 


“Do you think they went to are house” Mia said


“Maybe, do you want to go to your house to check?” I said 


“Ok” replied Mia 

As we approached the parking lot we seen Mia’s and Emma’s mom (Mrs. Smith)


“Hi, Mrs. Smith” I said


“Hi, Where is Emma?” Mrs. Smith replied 


“I don’t know, I though she went to your house” I said 


“Well I called and she didn’t answer so I headed here” Mrs. Smith replied

 “I can look around” I said 


 “Ok, Mia stay with me” said Mrs. Smith


I thought It was weird that Mrs. Smith didn’t say anything about Mia being at the Carnival but maybe Mrs. Smith didn’t want to say anything in front of me. I ran around calling their name but got no answer, until I heard their voices, I looked around the corner and it was them sitting on a bench and calling somebody.


 “WHERE WERE YOU GUYS??” I screamed


“Where were you we called you like 10 times” Abigail replied 


 “No you didn’t” yes we did 


“Yes we did” Emma said


“No, look” I said as I showed them my call history 


“That’s weird” Emma said


“Let’s talk about it latter your moms in the parking lot with your sister” I replied 


“Ok” Emma said 


We ran to the parking lot … but there was no one and not a single car and even worse the gates were closed so we were stuck.