James Bond Finally Falls

Graham Leigh, Writer


Actor Sean Connery dies at age 90 in Nassau. Sean Connery had no known cause of death. His son said that he had not been in good condition for some time. 

Sean Connery is most known for his starring role in 7 of the James Bond movies. Diamonds are Forever, Never Say Never Again, Dr.No, and Goldfinger are just some of his Bond movies. He has been nominated for 6 golden globes and won 3. Along with Those awards, he has won an Oscar for the best supporting role. This was in the movie Untouchables. His last movie was in 2003. The movie was called The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. 

Connery has been married to Dianne Cilento for 11 years and then to Micheline Roquebrune for the remainder of his years. He was born on August 25, 1930, and lived through WWII. His home town is Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. He is from Scotland which is a country in the UK. Connery was Knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2000 which is one of the highest deemed honor in England and the UK. Connery has appeared in around 67 movies, some good Like James bond and some bad. At the time of his death, his net worth was around $350 million dollars. 

We thank Connery for his work under the spotlight and out of it, Also for the wonderful movies he has come out with.