Not Everyone is Able to keep Their Word


Parker Reitze, writer

Michael Hancock, Denvers mayor has made it one of his number one priorities to inform the people of Colorado to do whatever they can to restrain from traveling this holiday season. While many listened and have been waiting to keep everyone safe and not travel, some people have a hard time listening to his words. Including the mayor himself. Mayor Hancock has family that live across the country in Mississippi and decided that despite his words that people should restrain from traveling this season, On during thanksgiving break for many people Not even he could keep his words. 

Many people confronted him about this and here is his apology according to “Colorado politics” Mayor Hancock says “I know that many people in Denver did follow my advice and weren’t able to see their family on this holiday. To all of those people, I offer my deepest apologies. To try and make amends, I traveled back to Denver as soon as I could. I will, as I had already planned to do, go into a self-quarantine until I am confident through testing that I am not infected, But I realize that none of this is really good enough and I am hoping that the people of Denver can forgive me. All of us want this virus behind us and I will continue to do everything I can to regain your trust.”

Hopefully for mayor Hancock’s sack many can forgive him. At the same time, hopefully many of these big figures in the world can also help spread the things that can save these people from dying and get many out of quarantine.