Corona-Virus Worse than Ever in the US

Corona-Virus Worse than Ever in the US

Clara Liptzin, Writer

The United States is doing very very bad with Covid-19 cases right now. We have reached over 14 million cases and over a quarter of a million deaths in just our country. Most hospitals are overflowing and don’t have enough beds for these patients. 

On Wednesday, December 3rd, there were 2,777 deaths reported and around 205,000 new cases. There were around 100,000 more hospitalizations.  This is a new record of deaths, cases, and hospitalizations since the pandemic began around March.

The surge has been highest in New Mexico (new cases have risen by 109%), Arizona (have risen by 90%), and California (have risen by 75%). 

This spike is mostly because of Thanksgiving travel and will stay this way because many people will most likely travel for Christmas and New Years’ as well. The CDC director said he believes this is going to be the most difficult time in the public health history of this nation.
It is recommended to cancel travel plans unless it is absolutely necessary this holiday season, and if you have to go, get tested before and after. It is also good to quarantine for about a week without symptoms and 10 days with. 

People say this is just the beginning of this spike. There have been over 100+ new cases every minute and new hospital patients. Experts say January and February are going to be very very bad.

We all need to do our part and continue to stay home, avoid big gatherings, wear a mask, and socially distance.