The Dangerous Waters


Jayda Galvan, Writer

It was a shady day. The clouds were dark gray almost like a storm was coming. There was this random tension like someone was pulling my body. The streets were silent. All of a sudden I was flinched by the loud squawking of birds flying desperately away. Then, papers are coming away almost like they are forcefully getting pushed. I hear a small rumble. The rocks on the street bounce a little and start moving behind me. I look behind me, and trees are falling and snapping almost like a monster is walking through them. A trickle of water is coming near me. I take the time to crouch and see what it is… I look up instantly and find a 60ft wave above me. I almost trip over myself as I feel cold water touch my feet. I’m sprinting, screaming for help as I hear car alarms go off and the loud snapping of trees behind me. I trip over a rock as the wave goes over me. There are twigs and sticks snapping and stabbing me in my stomach as my back hits the back of a car. I hear a SNAP and everything turns black. My eyes slowly blink open as my arms are holding for dear life onto a log. The water keeps splashing back, as my slow breaths barely keep me alive. I gear nearby screams as my eyes widen. I look at my arm and see a deep gash in my arm, cleaning itself in the dirty water. I turn my head slowly to see where the low screams are. My ears are ringing making my head throb. I see a hand plunging itself in and out of the water. I swim to them not knowing if the person is alive or dead. I get to them and grab their arm until I see a young boy. His eyes are closed but I try to wake him up. 

“C’mon kid, wake up,” I keep shaking him but I have low energy. Then, I feel a swift soft surface, almost like a stingray’s back. I look down and see a swift creature, but I think it’s simply just debris under me. The eyes flutter as I keep nudging them. They mumble under their breath as I look around for any piece of land for us to go on. I find a spot and grab his arm gently to pull him towards land. He starts to whimper as I see a big gash in his back. I pull him even slower and once we get on land I check it out. 

“You’re gonna be okay…w-we’re gonna be okay.” I find a small piece of cloth on the ground and gently put it on his gash. The waters are still. I’m surprised there was no aftershock, but I was grateful. Out of nowhere, I hear the water moving around slowly. I think it’s another person but when I call out, I have no answer. 

“What…is that?” the boy asks. I slowly grab his hand and pull him up. He tries to talk, but I quickly cover his mouth with my hand. There was a beat-up car behind so I quickly open the door and take a stick on the floor. The noise stops as I hear a whimper. And it wasn’t from the boy. Out of nowhere, a big sea creature comes out and eats the whole car. They gulp it down as I scream. The boy’s soft voice slowly goes quieter and quieter. I run as I dive into the shallow water. I keep scraping my leg on rocks and shards of glass. I hear growling behind me as I look to my right and see an aftershock wave. I swim as fast as I can. The wave wasn’t as big as the first one, but I still see several more debris in it. A car is coming at me with the way as I get yanked before it hits. I’m getting cut on all sides of my body as it feels like hands wrapped around me. I feel the same slimy substance as we’re going faster and faster underwater. I don’t know who or what it is until I see human hands. I look behind me giving my neck a sharp cramp, but I see fins. ‘It can’t be true’ I tell myself. And all of a sudden I hear sirens. But not ambulance sirens, a beautiful loud voice as my ears are compelled, everything goes black and the voice fades.