Injured Bunny Found


Sophia Zafra

I walked in the middle of the open field, the leaves crunching under my shoes. Although the leaves were all a reddish brown color, they were still perfectly beautiful. Where is Vanni? I wondered. Vanni was ten years old, and my all-time best friend. She had long chestnut hair and beautiful brown eyes. Earlier that day we had made plans to meet up in the old withered up field in the middle of the city. There was one important thing we forgot to decide though, where exactly in the 32-acre field we would meet up at. So there I was, searching for her, feeling the muscles in my legs scream. I finally saw a black dot in the distance waving its arms. Ignoring the pain in my legs, I sprinted as fast as I could to that little black dot in the distance. As I got closer, I saw that little black dot bend down and grab something. When I finally came to Vanni, I saw that she had taken off her scarf and was carrying something or someone inside it. 


“Come on, Emma! I’ll tell you what happened on the way!” Vanni started running, and I had to sprint to catch up to her.


“Emma, when I came to the field, I saw a little grey bunny and his leg was stuck inside of a large vine. I got him out, but he can’t move. We have to run. Quick! To the vet.” Vanni said, as we ran as fast as we could to the vet. Huff and puff and huff and puff. We finally made it out of the field, and we made a sharp left and came to a row of buildings. The third building was the vet, so we charged in. The vet was standing near a counter chatting with some people. We ran up to her, tapped her on the shoulder and told her what happened. Her eyes opened wide and she gently scooped up the bunny. She rushed through glass doors to an operating room. Vanni and I sat down in grey armchairs, waiting for her. It took one hour for one of the nurses to come out of the room and let us in. As we came into the operating room, the vet greeted us.  


“Hello girls. So it turns out that the bunny has a broken leg, that is why he could not move. Luckily, one of my nurses had an animal cast that fit perfectly for your little bunny. We put it on him, but he seemed to not like it. We put him on a pillow, and he fell asleep instantly. Is this your pet bunny, or a wild bunny? This bunny needs to be cared for, especially with this broken leg.“ The vet looked at us, waiting for an answer. I looked at Vanni and squealed. My parents always said that I could get a pet, but the pet store often did not have any pets, since everyone in our city loved pets. This was my chance! Vanni hugged me and nodded.


“He can be my pet! I know my parents are going to be okay with this! I promise.“  I exclaimed. The vet nodded. She made some motions that meant: Let´s go back to the waiting room, let’s let your bunny sleep. We all tiptoed to the empty waiting room and sat down. We chatted about what I would name my new bunny. Cotton? Clover? Leafy? Cottontail! 


“Cottontail! Cottontail! I will name him Cottontail! Guys, isn’t that the absolute perfect name?“ I shouted, forgetting to keep quiet.


“Shhh!“ Was my response from Vanni. The vet stood up and walked into the operating room to check on Cottontail. She came back holding him, and this time he jumped out of her arms and into mine. Wouldn’t that hurt his leg, I wondered to myself. The doctor slowly inspected him, and happily opened the doors that lead outside. We waved to her as we walked into the field. Vanni hugged me, and Cottontail snuggled into the crook of my arm.