Disney Loses $6.9 Billion Despite Some Reopening


Jacob Howe, Writer

Disney Parks has taken a massive hit since the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world. Many businesses, especially the small ones, have taken a hit during this pandemic, but even the status of some of the biggest and most popular brands are not immune to loss in business.

Back in March when the Covid pandemic really took a hit on businesses large and small alike, it looked as if Disney would only have to close for a short time. Very few people would have guessed that many months later, Disneyland would still be closed due to strict Covid-19 precautions. Although recent changes have promised limited shopping and dining, there is a very small possibility of Disney parks opening their doors before 2021. 

Disney continues to blame the state of California for its limited ability to function. Although this is somewhat the case, there are lots of places in the Disney parks where many people will come into contact with surfaces that could potentially spread Covid-19 and the state of California is a hotspot for Covid. Open or closed, Disney has taken a massive hit. Aside from the theme parks, Disney has lost money on their cruises, which have long been suspended.

 It is important to remember, however, that Disney is a very unique company and its sole purpose is to profit. The state of California, on the other hand, is the safety and well being of the citizens of the state. The restrictions placed on Disney are very confining but there is nothing that can be done knowing the current world situation. At the very least, Disney is at no shortage of money and will certainly survive the Pandemic. The same can sadly not be said for smaller businesses in the US and all over the world.