Chilling Secrets Behind well-known Movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’


Nesha Adler-Eldridge, Writer

The Wizard of Oz is a favoured movie produced by Mervyn LeRoy in Culver City, California, in the year 1994. This movie may be considered a cinematic masterpiece, however, the process of making it may make people think otherwise. This “cursed” film’s age could be the explanation for its large amount of conflict, but the defense is still unknown.


The Attire was Torture

Today’s stage prosthetics are nowhere compared to the past. The Wizard of Oz’s  costumes were the opposite of comfortable. For example, the cowardly lion’s suit weighed 100 pounds, which made it very difficult for Bert Lahr (cowardly lion’s actor) to participate in scenes. And Tin Man’s metal suit made it impossible for its portrayer to sit down. Mostly all of the costumes in the Wizard of Oz had some sort of uncomfortable side to them.


Stage makeup was also a huge problem for the actors. The original actor for Tin Man- Buddy Epsin was hospitalized after only 10 days of filming. Due to the aluminum in the makeup he fell ill and was replaced by Jack haley. Ray Bolger as the Scarecrow, had makeup that left him with deep scars on his face that lasted over a year. The Wicked Witch of the West, played by Margaret Hamilton, had to also endure toxic makeup. The green copper face paint was completely poisonous, so Margaret had to be extremely cautious when it came to doing simple things like drinking.


Movie supposedly Killed Judy Garland

While participating in the film, Judy Garland, who portrayed Dorothy, underwent much oppression, which led to her early demise. On set, Judy was expected to work for an exceedingly amount of hours. The work required for her encouraged the use of stimulant drugs and sleeping pills. When finishing the movie, Judy had already become addicted and continued the use of the drugs afterwards-she died of an accidental overdose later on. 


But drugs weren’t the only thing that Judy faced in the making of this movie. As she grew older in the making of the film, her body progressed into a more women-like figure, which made the directors of the movie force her into wearing an extremely tight corset and have a very strict diet. The directors also slapped Judy in the face when she giggled in scenes. According to Judy Garland’s husband, the munchkins on set constantly molested her, making her life a living hell. And we can’t forget the fact that she got paid less than her coworkers!


Munchkin committed suicide on set?

Various rumors conclude that a munchkin hung himself in the background of a scene in which Dorathy and the Scarecrow were on the golden brick road. There could have been different situations that had happened. For instance, a munchkin could have attempted this act but was stopped in the end, or it was something else that had the appearance of a suicide. Although, the creators deny that a munchkin did this, suspicions still remain.  


The movie, no doubt has much commercial success. But what led to its accomplishments clearly took a lot of suffering. No matter the past struggles, movie creators are now more aware and safe when it comes to creatively making movies.