NBA Draft

NBA Draft

Tiernan Duffy, Writer

The NBA Draft happened on Nov. 18 2020 where all 30 NBA teams got to Draft/pick new rookies for their teams. Some teams have made great choices while others have made terrible choices and ruined the team.


Some of the greatest players ever have come from different drafts like Kobe Bryant, he was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets but he was traded to the L.A. Lakers right after he was drafted, LeBron James was drafted by Cleveland and that was Cleveland’s best pick ever.


Some of the players have also not been the best like Anthony Bennett, He was the 1st pick in the 2013 NBA draft but was not very helpful to the team because they had won only 33 games and was the 10th seed that season and had more losses than wins.

Some times the NBA Draft can either make the team be better or worse, the NBA has not started yet and we cannot wait to see what the rookies can do.