More COVID cases in the NFL


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Scarlett Lutz, Writer

     More covid cases in the NFL

By:Scarlett Lutz


More players in the NFL, have tested positive for COVID-19, as more games are canceled, and more players become inactive.  This week the Ravens were supposed to play the 10-0 Steelers on thanksgiving day, but due to the  Ravens rise is COVID cases, that game has been moved to Wednesday afternoon. Steelers have also had a few positive tests, but say that they are still planning on playing on Wednesday.



The Denver broncos, also had a few positive tests, including one of the backup QB’s Jeff Driskel, starting QB, Drew Lock, backup QB Brett Rypien, and practice squad QB, Blake Bortles, were “high risk” although, all of the remaining QB’s were continuing to test negative, the NFL received all of the quarterbacks within 6 feet, without a mask, causing them to make the decision to tell the team that none of the QB’s would be able to play. As this news was only received on Saturday night, less than 24 hours before the game was supposed to start. Many people including many of the team members said that this situation was unfair,including Tide end Noah Fant, saying “ y’all can’t possibly send us into a game without a QB” Others could also argue that if this was a different team that possibly had a better record than the broncos, the NFL would have postponed the game. Today, starting QB, Drew lock taking to Twitter apologizing for the mistake. Many other players including rookie Jerry Judy, said “I guess I’ll have to get my Lamar Jackson on” Injured Von Miller commented on the situation, saying that he will have to turn into Von Elway taking after broncos former QB John Elway, Finally, Demarcus ware, former broncos outside Linebacker, said that he could call Peyton Manning, and they could play in. The broncos were forced to play practice squad Wide Reciver, Kendall Hinton, who played QB for one year in collage.


 The Steelers, Ravens game has been moved multiple times, originally planned to play on thanksgiving day, this is all do to the rise of COVID cases with both teams.  Ravens were continuing to test the players, and their staff daily, and they kept getting more and more positive tests, including starting QB, Lamar Jackson. Jackson was named MVP in 2019. He was only the fourth African American QB to get this award. The game will be played at 1:40pm, and there has been reason to cancel, or postpone, as of Wednesday morning. After the game was postponed until last Sunday, and then Tuesday, the Ravens team wanted another day of practice, due to all of the facilities, being closed down,  their facility reopened Monday evening after they received, less and less positive tests.