The D’ameilo Family Gets Canceled

Ryleah Ponds, Writer

While Charli D’ameilo the famous tiktok dancer was on the way to hitting 100.00m followers, her and her family posted a video with them eating as a family. Charil got canceled because she said “Imagine if I hit 100mil after hitting 1mil last year”, then that’s when everybody thought that Charil was being ungrateful, before that so then that’s when she started to lose followers.

Dixie another famous tiktok star (Charil’s sister) was canceled for being ungrateful the food that her chief made her, the D’ameilo family’s personal chief brought out these dishes that had snails and pasta etc…Before Dixie even tried the dish she started gaging and making faces to the food,she picks up a snail and askes the “What is this”. The chief replies,” It’s a classic dish and it made for good luck. Dixie’s parents tell her to try the food, so she does and after not even a second she starts to throw it up in the back while the chief is still there.


James Chareils he is friends with the whole D’ameilo family he got canceled for someone on tiktok saying that he is too old to be friend with charil because she is 16 and he is 18,well James had a lot to say about the person that said that this is what James said about it,” I am friends with the whole family and a manager because when Charil became famous she didn’t know what to do so since we are both young famous people I wanted to help her out’ etc…After that nothing else happened except Charil got her followers back and everybody left it alone.