Tips for Celebrating Holidays During a Pandemic


Itiah González, Writer

With the holidays around the corner, you might be wondering how to stay safe while celebrating with extended family members during the pandemic. The recommendation is to skip it this year, but if you really want to get together, the safest way is to do a strict 14-day quarantine before the get-together with your family. This sounds difficult, and it is. It means you, and anybody who will be present on that day, cannot go absolutely anywhere inside a building (grocery store, friend’s house, bank, etc.) that’s not your home for 14 days. The hardest part is that you can’t control what the other members of your extended family do. You just have to tell them to quarantine and then expect that they will follow the same strict rules of not going anywhere for 14 days. If one person from your family happens to let their guard down and goes shopping for one hour on a Saturday, they’ve just put the whole group at risk of getting COVID-19. Overall, it may be said that you have two options for holidays at a time like this, you can either have a relaxing holiday in the comfort of your home, never putting any of your family members at risk, or you can agree on a 14-day quarantine with the family that you wish to include in the holiday fun. This way you can keep people safe without having to wear a mask, and you can have an almost normal holiday spent with the people you love.