The Downfall Pt 2

The Downfall Pt 2

Genesis Key, Writer

‘’Ow’’Ally said

She could smell blood around but her shining eyes couldn’t see that she wondered if she got kidnapped by somebody or was just a fool among herself but yelp, ‘’Help Help’’ but nobody heard her. It was silence and ghost up the midway she grew cold and weakened herself. 


She felt  like she hadn’t eaten in days or something or did her mom make chicken soup for her because she was sick from the week prior from that li-yang cold or maybe it was her symptoms not thinking too well. 


She kept saying to herself that she needed a rest but she wasn’t tired inside she tired in the outside it was weird for her.

Then Ally heard a thump then she grew a scare.

‘’There is a big tall man behind this door if you step in you will  never see a another daylight.’’   Ally felt scared but wanted to go but old man to not enter but she thought what matters i don’t know so i should  step in so Ally pick up the pipe that was close to her very slow and steady and step in little further and man came in dark one legged movement and went very fast and Ally hit the pipe across his head and run until she couldn’t run no more.

Then  she hit her head  on something big and metal and somehow she hit a pole when it was big as a giant but wide and circled as a clock but she was so confused and ‘’There is no such thing as a clock pole unless you live in London’’. Then she realized that the clock pole was a time traveling pole and a pole which represents a portal which can suck you to any year to go and any place to it said on the back of clock  then she put her arm slow and nervous and silent in the portal and got sucked into a whole new world.