Moscow Opens its Biggest Outdoor Ice Rink


Taylor Rowland, Writer

The ice rink in northern Moscow opened regardless of the rise in Covid cases since September with the city of over 12.5 million individuals consistently announcing the most Infections of any Russian area.

Skaters performed during the launch of an outside skating arena in the Red Square in Moscow Figure skaters perform during the kickoff of an open-air skating arena in the Red Square in Moscow

On Saturday, officials affirmed 27,100 new cases, for the time being, incorporating 7,320 in Moscow. They said 510 individuals had died over the 24 hours nationwide.

People out skating said they felt it was protected as they had worn masks and gloves in the indoor piece of the rink. Their temperatures were taken when they had arrived. The vast majority were not wearing face masks on the ice rink.

“We went through all the changing rooms in masks. It’s not scary at all,” said resident Olga Glazunova.

“It’s really good to be skating. You can feel the coming winter and New Year,” said Svetlana Makarova.

Others like Mikhail Merzlyakov said they couldn’t avoid taking to the ice. “It’s scary, but we wanted to skate,” he said.