Should Students Have To Turn Their Camera On

Sidney Pham, Writer

Should students have their camera on during class, I personally think they shouldn’t. Only because some students don’t feel very comfortable, and if they don’t feel comfortable then I think they shouldn’t because you learn a lot better when you are comfortable and not have people staring at you while you work. Some students are ok with having their camera on and think it’s good to make the teacher not feel bad. Teachers want our camera on so they don’t feel lonely or teaching to a blank screen and I understand that since everything is going on with corona they still want it to feel like a classroom and so do a lot of students. But teachers shouldn’t force anything on their students to turn their cameras on or say that they would email our parents if we didn’t have our cameras on. But of course, you can ask your students to turn their cameras on. Teachers also want our cameras to be on so they can see if we are paying attention or not or to make us stay on task the whole class time, and it is hard to pay attention since there is a lot of things going n around you and you have no one telling you to pay attention. But everybody has their own opinions to this but I personally think students shouldn’t have to turn their camera on endless for a good reason.