Thanksgiving is Important

Jo'Nelle Taylor, Writer

Thanksgiving is really important, but some people don’t see it! Thanksgiving a noun, and it is the act of giving thanks; grateful acknowledgment of benefits or favors, especially to God. An expression of thanks, a public celebration in acknowledgment of divine favor or kindness. Celebrating Thanksgiving is so important, but most people think Thanksgiving is for food or just a holiday, but it’s not! Thanksgiving is a holiday to show/tell what you are thankful for. Families and friends come together to celebrate Thanksgiving, and it is important to celebrate thanksgiving with your friends and family, to show them how much you are thankful for them.

Thanksgiving to me is being able to show and tell what you are thankful for and being able to know that you have things that you love or thank. For example, I’m thankful for my family, being able to have food every day, and having a house to cover my head during hard and good times. Some things you can be thankful for are your family, food, your house, and everything people done for you.

I think Thanksgiving is really important and most people don’t see it as important, they just see it for the food and being able to see the family, but just that, is what you’re thankful for. Food, and family! So, I think people should think again and maybe think about why we celebrate Thanksgiving, what the are thankful for, and why you are thankful for that thing, or person. Happy Thanksgiving, or Happy late Thanksgiving.