NYC Public Schools Close


Molly Hubbard, Writer

New York public schools shut down Thursday November, 19th due to high positive Covid-19 cases.

On Thursday, November 19th, New York City public schools closed down after the City reached a 3% rate of a positive testing threshold. The Mayor, Bill de Blasio tweeted that schools are being closed for caution. Blasio also added in his tweet, “We must fight back the second wave of COVID-19.” New York City holds the largest Public School district in the Country. Because of schools closing off, students will now start remote learning. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo stated during a briefing on the 18th, that the state is “dangerous” which could factor in lots of positive cases. Cuomo states with the cold weather might be a factor to keep people indoors along with Holidays. Cuomo lastly says to reopen public schools they would need to require a new plan than the rest of the state by “sheer volume” because they cannot test every student in the city.