the Odd Story Of my Grandparents Experience on Aeroflot Airlines

the Odd Story Of my Grandparents Experience on Aeroflot Airlines

Linus Bartlett, Writer



What is the worst experience that you’ve ever had on an airplane?  Bad service, bumpy rides, delayed planes?  Well, nothing can compare to the following story from the Soviet Airline, Aeroflot.

My grandparents, Marcia and Richard Schultz, from Denver, Colorado, both used to be musicians.  Once, back in 1991, they traveled to the Soviet Union to perform.  

When their performance was finished and their trip was ending, it was time to fly home to Denver.  Little did they know, the only plane that was available was a narrow, rundown airplane that belonged to Aeroflot Airlines.  They were happy to go home until they got to the airport. 

When they got to the airport, they found a broken down plane that had broken dirty trays, seats that were not properly secured, and the center of the plane had pigs and chickens that were just walking around everywhere. They had to stop at states to refill the plane with fuel. The bathrooms on the plane were basically just a hole in the floor of the airplane with a tank underneath. You just had to squat and do your business. Eventually, the horrible flight ended and they got home safe. 

About a year later, guess what was on the news?  A report about Aeroflot Airlines!  According to the Aircraft Crashes Record Office, “8,231 passengers have died in Aeroflot crashes! That’s about five times more than any other airline (all of which were far smaller). From 1946 to 1989, the carrier was involved in 721 incidents. However, from 1995 to 2017, the carrier was involved in 10 incidents.”

My grandparents were lucky to have survived that plane ride!  They lived to tell the tale!