2020’s Latest Car Reviews – The Mercedes Benz AMG GT Black Series

Mercedes designs a car that can compete with other mid engined cars, even though this one’s engine is in the wrong place.


Will Zhang, Staff Writer

Porsche’s 911 is very sporty and athletic- even though it easily puts up competition to other supercars, the engine is in the front. The other supercars- are all mostly mid engined. Mercedes has done the same- put the engine in the front, and forget about the back. Also, most of the cars they make are very heavy- with the AMG GT-S weighing as much as a Toyota Rav-4, which is around 3,400 pounds. Yet, the car is still fast enough to win- against a Ferrari.

Mercedes claims that “The new AMG GT Black Series pushes this tradition to an unprecedented level of power and performance,” meaning that this car is going to be the fastest Mercedes-Benz yet. It boasts a turbocharged V-8, dubbed the biturbo 4 liter V-8. The V-8 generates 720 hp, with 590 lb ft of torque, that pushes the 3.5 k pound car to 202 mph and can go from 0-60 in little over 3 seconds, which is impressive for its sheer size and weight. The AMG will however not be able to compete with more agile and lighter cars of its class, due to again, it’s immense weight for a supercar. Although rather unknown, currently there are only 2 colors to my knowledge- silver and orange. The silver and the black detailing look just okay, however the orange springs at you with a vibrant aura. Very similar to Sebring Orange Tincoat on the Corvette line, but a slightly darker shade. The AMG GT black series is similar to the normal AMG GT- but likewise to the Porsche 911 family, the normal grand tour version is more sleek, while the GT-3 and GT-2 versions boast wings (really big spoilers) and detailing, as well as having superchargers, more powerful flat 6’s, and an array of sports trimmings including louvers and splitters (search them up they’re cool). Same here- the AMG GT looks humble and cute, while its younger brother (the black series) took some steroids, making it look angrier and more sport oriented. To make the AMG GT black series even more bold, the people at Mercedes did what Ricers do to their cars- Mercedes-Benz put a double wing on the back of the car. Crazy.

Inside, it almost looks like a normal Mercedes. It has sports bucket seats and carbon fiber everywhere yes, but the rest isn’t outrageously optimized for lightweight performance. The infotainment system is mediocre, but the rest looks very good. Six modes are available for the car- slippery, individual, comfort, sport, sport+, and finally race mode. The sound that is emitted by the engine is a low pitched bellow that sounds athletic but somehow adds in a little bit of elegance too.

The average AMG GT is only around 200,000 dollars, but this sportier version has double the price tag at about 400,000 dollars. However, the car can compete with other supercars in the price range, quite well too. The cornering is a bit lousy, but the car is fast and quite elegant, although it looks like a car you could put on a race track too. Very flashy, if you can get it you are going to die of annoyance from every 4th grader in a 5-mile radius taking awkward pictures of your car every 2 seconds. If you have the money and you want something fast, flashy, and somehow elegant, this car is for you.