Many Peruvians are left Injured due to Protests


Kai Hetherington, Writer

In battles between police and protesters, 27 people have been injured protesting against the impeachment of Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra, said police and rights groups on the 14th of November. There has been a lot of pressure on the new government and its new President Manuel Merino due to the Protests in the capital of Lima and other locations. On the 13th Peruvian police used tear gas and rubber bullets with protesters responding with rock-throwing and by destroying property. President Vizcarra, a President not affiliated with any government party who is popular with many voters, was impeached on November 9th 2020 over bribe allegations – which he says are false. 

11 people and a few journalists had been injured on the 13th said Peru’s National Human Rights Coordinator. A hospital in Lima stated that at least two people had been wounded by the rubber bullets. Police had included injured officers, which put the number up to 27. Jose Vega, a protester in the country’s capital, Lima stated that “All of Peru is fired up, and we’re all very angry.” Vega also stated “ They treat us poorly. We’ve only come to protest against injustice,” Vega said. “We are all feeling of pain. So, I’m saying to everyone let’s not give up.” 

The Interior Minister Gastón Rodríguez has denied that police used any lethal weapons and stated that police only used rubber bullets and tear gas when protests started getting dangerous. “The reaction of the police occurs when there is an attack on public property or when there is a direct attack as happened yesterday,” stated Rodríguez. Police reports show that protests left 16 civilians hurt by mostly rubber bullets, and 11 policemen were also left wounded.