Rocket Fizz


Kylie Driggers, Writer

Rocket Fizz is a candy shop located in multiple states and cities! Rocket Fizz sells candy, soda, Japanese candy, Mexican candy, and more! The items there most of the time are affordable prices and sometimes the prices are kinda high.  My main thing that I get or would suggest to you is the Mexican candy which is really good, most of the Mexican candy is spicy and sweet at the same time, Jubes; they are really good and they are like a chewy jelly you can get in different flavors, Pockys, and ramune soda. As of one con I have of the shop items is that the salt water taffy they have is a bit hard… maybe it’s old… I have no clue about it. They have candy from many different countries too! The cleanses: the store is decently cleaned, 10/10 pretty much always clean, smells like candy, cleaned very nicely! The staff is so kind!!! They are always so happy and bubbly when you go to check out, they even check on you while you look around sometimes asking if you need help. The stock is always full which provides customers to find what they came for (if the store sells it). Many people like the store a lot too.