Why education is important


Zenat Zumer, Writer

Education is important because it is about learning new things and skill.Education also helps people with future jobs such as becoming a doctor or teacher, education is well known even in the past early humans(Homo sapiens) also became smarter using curiosity to cook food and make shelter. Knowledge is important to claim with Education because that’s how we become more  independent with our life styles and actions/ behavior. I mostly think education is important because it helps us with our future and our lives education makes us have a choice to choose the right path and choose the right choice. If we haven’t had education we wouldn’t learn to speak, we wouldn’t learn to walk, talk, spell, call, explain problems, Answer questions,life would be hard. Education has a meaning. It is a very important rule if you like subjects. I suggest you like and understand all the subjects Math,Literacy,Science,Social Studies etc because then you can get ahead of what’s behind you what i mean is learn things you had trouble with. I’ve been taught to love all my education subjects because learning and growing in academic skill can have a huge impact on your life and other life beyond.