How to Survive Thanksgiving During Quarantine


Liam Gamache, Writer

Thanksgiving is a holiday known for sharing food with family and friends, but with the pandemic on the rise we have to stay cautious and keep our safety in mind.First and foremost, make sure to limit the amount of people that are attending your thanksgiving feast. The more people there are, the higher the chances of someone having COVID-19, and the higher the infection rates. I would recommend around 3 to 4 people total.This means that when planning your family’s gathering, you need to keep in mind the number of people you’re inviting, and the demographic of those people. For instance, inviting all of your great grandparents may not be the best idea because the elderly are a demographic that have a very high death rate from COVID. 

Now that you know who is coming, you need to know where you are hosting the event. Try to find an outside venue or park to have a thanksgiving picnic as opposed to an indoor dinner. This is because the rate of transmission (the likelihood of a COVID particle getting from one person to another) for COVID is much lower outdoors than indoors. Make sure to have people bring their own portable seats and tables if they have them, or find a park with some spaced out benches. If need be for the location to be indoors, you may have to further limit the amount of people attending and/or keep very strict social distancing rules.

Finally, because thanksgiving is based around the sharing of food which is not considered a good idea in quarantine, we have to be extra careful about how we go about this. There are  two main ways you could distribute food amongst your guests. The first is to have everyone give their portion of the meal to each other family member thanksgiving day. You could do this by having everyone drop off a portion of what they made to the other invitees on their doorstep so that everyone has a full meal they can bring and eat once everyone has dropped off their food.  This limits human contact and eliminates the need for people to sit at one table so that everyone can get their meal.

The second option is to have a central bench for everyone to put what they made on so that each family can one by one grab their food and bring it back to their personal bench. Make sure to not form a line while doing this and only have one person at the food bench at a time grabbing food. 

That concludes this guide on how to survive thanksgiving this year. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday season and don’t forget to wear a mask!