Foods Can Mislead You

Foods Can Mislead You

Sophia Swanson, Writer

Have you ever thought about whether the names of the foods were misleading you? Like if you ate a butterscotch bar and thought Does this really have butterscotch. In this article, I will explain which foods are fake and which are real. 


Butterscotch? Butterscotch is a type of candy that comes in all different shapes and sizes. It is a hard candy that is similar to caramel. The term “scotch” means to cut. When this candy is soft it is hard to clean so it would not be very good for decorating a cake. Furthermore, what is butterscotch made out of? Butterscotch is mostly made out of butter, cream, vanilla, sugar, salt, and brown sugar. So this food’s name is not misleading.


White Chocolate? White chocolate is a candy that is white in color and is confection chocolate. White chocolate was originally made in Switzerland. Normal dark and milk chocolates have cocoa, sugar, and milk. Both dark, milk and white chocolate are easily meltable and have the same texture when melted. White chocolate doesn’t taste like regular chocolates and most people who don’t like chocolate love white chocolate for that reason. So what is white chocolate made out of? White chocolate contains cream, sugar, cocoa butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract. Since chocolate needs to have cocoa (not cocoa butter) this is not considered chocolate. 


French Fries? Are French Fries really from France? French Fries are made by cutting up potatoes and pealing them. After that, you soak them in cold water to get off any extra starch. Then you fry them to their golden brown color. French fries have a cooked flavor that tastes similar to a potato chip. The main ingredients are oil and potatoes and are mostly served hot. Where did French fries originate? French fries are from Francophone Belgium. In the winter of 1680 when there was no more fish to fry and tons of potatoes so someone fried potatoes and now they are all over the world. So this food name is very misleading!