The Knights of Migore #3


Kirin Davidson, Writer

“I’m so hungry.” Jastar threw a rock at the sleeping knight, “Hey, can we get some grub?” 

The Knight woke up and rubbed his head where the rock had hit him and looked very sternly at Jastar.

“No. The king wants to starve you. Also, I don’t like you anymore.” He fell back asleep in a snap and shook the cell with his snoring. 


An hour later, footsteps were heard coming from the staircase. The Knight awoke and stood up like he was never asleep. Then someone pronounced, “All hale, are savior, are King, King Fod!” A squire and The King walked into view. The King had a smug look on his face as he walked over to the bars that separated them. 

“How are you my boys?” The King asked. No answer. “Would you like to join me upstairs for some food?” The Knight looked at each other in agreement.

“What’s the price?” Windle asked, “There has to be a price.” 

“No price,” The King answered, “Just tea and scones. Anything else if you want it?” The King looked at all the knights and they shook their heads. 

“Right then,” The King turned around to The Knight, “let these gentlemen out and escort them to the great Hall.” 

“Yes sir.” The Knight walked over and pulled out his keys. He pulled out one of the 20 keys he had and opened the cell door. As this was happening, The King walked back up stairs, his squire coming up right behind him. 

“Let’s go.” The Knight gestured his hands to come out. 

Ryler kicked The Knight over as they walked out. The Knight was knocked out. Windle took his keys from his belt. 

“Help me! Help me!” all of the other inmates yelled while banging on the bars very ferociously. 

The Knights shook their heads and walked up the staircase. They were very silent so no one heard them coming. They made their way to their belongings and took back what was theirs. 

“Where do we go now?” Ryler asked. 

“Finally,” Jastar threw his hands up in the air, “You haven’t talked since we were put in there. Just because it was The KIng who put us in there. So what if he was your hero. Now he is bad and we have to find out why and how to stop him.” 

There was silence while Jastar and Windle looked at Ryler and Ryler looked at the ground in shame. 

“Anyways,” Windle began, “we need to get away from the Kingdom. There are probably going to be wanted posters for us once they find that we have broken out.” 

“I know just the place.” Ryler smirked evilly, “We should ride back to that Kingdom that The King asked us to go to but when we got there it was all run down. There is probably some evidence there to find out what’s happening.” 

“How do you recon?” Jastar asked.

“Windle, didn’t you say that there were horse tracks that lead back to the Kingdom?” Ryler stroked his beard, “So The King probably killed them for a reason.” 

“Good thinking,” Windle smiled, “I will go back to our bed and breakfast and get some supplies while you two try to get some horses.” The group broke up. 

Windle walked to ther bed and breakfast keeping his head down so no one recognized him. Once he got to their room, he packet food, clothes, and sheets for they might be out there for a while. 

As Windle was doing that, Ryler and Jastar were trying to get some horses. They walked over to the stable and crouched down behind the fence because there were guards there. 

“Okay,” Jastar whispered, “what’s the plan?”

“I don’t know.” Ryler looked confused, “I thought you had a plan. I don’t have a plan at all.” 

“Ugh!” Jastar silently yelled, “Where is Windle when you need him. I never thought we needed him but I guess we do.”

“Yeah.” Ryler agreed, “What if you distracted them and I got the horses?”

“Works for me.” Jastar stood up, “Hey! You lot! Come and get me.” 

The Knights rammed at him which Jastar had not expected. They ran down the road after him while Ryler took off the ropes from the stubs of trees, for three horses and pulled the forward. 

“Jastar!” Ryler hollered, “Come back!”

Jastar spun around and dodged The Guards then ran back to Ryler and they mounted two of the horses and pulled the other horse with them. 

“Get them!” One of The Guards yelled at The Knights but they had already started to ride down the road to the bed and breakfast. 


Once they got there, Windle was waiting for them. 

“Where have you been?” Windle asked them while mounting his horse

“Sorry,” Jastar stated, “It was much harder to get horses than get essentials.” 

They all smiled at each other and rode to the Kingdom. 


Once they got there they walked through the moat and through a door on the west side of the Kingdom. Then they found a house and settled in.