Celebrating Holiday’s In 2020


Parker Reitze, writer

Weather you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or any holiday around winter time you are probably getting excited. While many are decorating their homes, because there is not much else to do when you are stuck inside your house, there are also many questioning if the same joy is going to happen this year. Because Coronavirus updates are rising In the state of Colorado many doctors and health experts are telling citizens to not see more than 2 families during the month of November. In the winter, there are generally more colds and illnesses so when we have a worldwide pandemic, the cold weather definitely does not help. 

Although some want to stay safe, it is likely many family and friends will get together to celebrate these holidays. If this happens through many people, we might have to go through another mandatory lockdown. To prevent this, we can be sure to see families on zoom or Face Time calls, spending time with people outside and trying to limit more of who you are seeing. Though this may not be the most ideal situation, we still get to turn on music, decorate our homes and hopefully watch snow fall as we drink hot chocolate in our cozy homes. If we get people to try to abide by the recommendations we can return back to normal and be able to see both family and friends without being scared that you will get sick. 

Overall, the spirits and cheer and happiness during the holiday season are not gone baking, cooking and following traditions and cultures are fun things to do around these times!