Affects of Covid on an Athlete


Henry Caldwell, Writer

The major affects on an athlete are usually long term. Some even causing lasting heart complications. Jay Schneider, a leading researcher of how Covid can affect your heart says that “They think, ‘If I get it, it’s not a big deal; it’s going to be like having a cold,’ ” Schneider said. “It may not just be a cold. It may end your sports career.” Schneider is campaigning to stop athletes from spitting on the field. He argues that players never consider the affects it could have on everybody around them, ranging from other athletes, parents, coaches, and referees. As we know, Covid can spread really easily and everybody should take precautions. 


The studies have not focused on athletes, but their findings have implications for the sports world. Research has raised the possibility that athletes who have recovered from Covid may still have lasting heart conditions. Medical experts have urged athletes to get cardiac screening before they return to play in precaution to career threatening heart issues.


All in all, people in the sports world and just people in general should take Covid really seriously. If they don’t there could be lasting heart conditions which would be a big blow to everybody but especially athletes because this can end their sports careers.