Carnival Worries

Carnival Worries

Sophia Zafra, Writer

My legs trembled with excitement as I handed my yellow ticket to the lady at the ticket booth. 


“Thank you, and enjoy your time at Carnival Dreamland!” The lady exclaimed excitedly, opening the doors to the carnival, and my family and I walked in. We were welcomed with a bright burst of light. It was already dark outside, but the sky was illuminated with the bright lights of the carnival rides. The first thing that my brother wanted to ride was the Dragon Sling, a roller coaster that had many flips and turns. I, on the other hand, wasn’t sure if I wanted to ride it but was going to give it a try. We walked into the long line of people waiting to board. We waited for a while, giving me more time to think about if I wanted to ride it or not. We finally got to the front of the line.


“Tickets, please! Miss, may I have your ticket?” A man with a mohawk exclaimed. I froze, not sure if I should give him the tickets and board, or if I should sit down on a bench and wait for my family to finish riding the roller coaster. 


“Um, um maybe. Oh – ah, here!” I said, stumbling on the steps that lead to the first four seats of the rollercoaster. The rest of my family handed their tickets to the man and jumped in next to me. Everyone else boarded, and we started to sway slowly. Oh my gosh, why did I decide to do this?! We started picking up speed, going faster and faster. The first obstacle was a giant loop de loop, and as we started getting to the top of the loop, I started getting nauseous. Why did they have to make so many turns and loops? After we finished that horrendous loop, we were heading towards the big “sling”. The one that made this roller coaster be called the Dragon Sling. We started slowly descending upwards. I shut my eyes and waited for this to be over. While I gripped the sides of my seat so hard that my knuckles turned white, everyone else started cheering. We made it to the top of the sling. 


“3, 2, 1, . . . GO!” My dad counted down, holding my brother’s hand. 


“Aaaaaah, help!” I screamed, panicking. We were zipping down the rollercoaster faster than a race car. My hair was blowing in every direction possible, and I couldn’t keep my tongue in my mouth, so it was flapping in the wind like a flag. After that, we started coming to the very bottom of the roller coaster and started slowing to a halt. Maybe that wasn’t that bad. I thought to myself, giggling about how overdramatic I had been.


 Once we got out of the at first horrifying, but now maybe not that horrifying roller coaster, my mom asked us, “Kids, how did you like it? Pretty fun, wasn’t it?”


“That was so cool!!” My brother shouted. 


“Well, first I didn’t like it at all,” I said, laughing. “But then I started enjoying it, after I stopped feeling nauseous, of course.”


My dad chuckled, while my mom took my brother’s hand, and we headed off to get cotton candy.