Football: Good or Not?


Katie Casey, Writer


We all know that there is a sport called football. Some people like it, and others don’t. You could be thinking one of two things, “Why are you writing about this? Football is the worst.” or “You are so smart, I am going to keep reading.” I enjoy watching, not playing. Again, this is the opinion section, so this is my opinion. Do I play football? No. So, let’s get back to the question. Football, good or not?


 People love it. Whether you enjoy football or not, it is going to be there, on the news, EVERYWHERE. People gamble with football, such as fantasy football, where you make your own football team with players from different teams. That is why it is called FANTASY football. Also, people pick teams to win or lose. The pro to this is that people can win big when gambling. Do you like money? If so, then this is a pro. But, those who win get the loser’s money. So if you lose, you lose big. That is a con. Do you like money? If so, this is a con. I have been in this situation before. I lost $20 one year, and I was sad. My sister won $80 and split it with me, (we made a deal at the beginning of the season, thank you Lauryn!) and I was very Happy. To me, the pros outway the cons.


Emotions. If your team loses the Super Bowl, (If you didn’t know, the Super Bowl is the last game of the football season, where the two best teams go up against each other so that way there is a winner.) then you are sad. You will think something like this: “They came so far. ROWR!” You will probably be scary to be around. If your team wins, then you could be screaming, and jumping up and down as if you won the lottery. Pros and cons have just been listed. 


You have your opinions and I have mine, but if you made it to these last few sentences, then you just read my opinions about football. I enjoy watching, I can sort of throw a ball, and make an awesome cheerleader. Quick question to ask you, Football: good or not?