The Day that Everything Changed

The Day that Everything Changed

Ethan Murch, Creative Writing

Irene gripped her mom’s hand harder as they walked through the doors of the scary gray building. Her mom had promised her they’d never have to come here again, but they did. They walked through the halls toward the office. If Irene could just slip out of the building, she would be fine, but now she had to because they were knocking on the door. One second she was there, and one second she was out. Zipping through halls and out the door. She did not care she ran away, she cared she got away. She ran to their house and back into her room. She was not going back into the insane asylum. 

Then, there was a harsh knock at the door. “COME OUT PRETTY,” said a hoarse voice from outside her door, “OR I WILL HAVE TO USE MY BELOVED LITTLE CHAINSAW TO CUT YOUR DOOR DOWN!” She screamed and started to open the window. “I USE IT NOW THAT YOU ARE TRYING TO ESCAPE ME,” She screamed again and then, as it wasn’t opening, took a heavy book and shattered her window with it. 

Then, she leaped out onto the garage roof. From inside, she heard a loud THUMP, and she leaped onto her trampoline. Then, the trampoline gave way and she went down into the grass, just to find a sprinkler. Just then, it turned on and she got soaked. “NOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT MY WEAKNESS,” screamed the voice, “I SHALL HAVE TO DESTROY YOU WITH THROWING KNIVES” At that moment, Irene got so frightened that she ran all the way back to the insane asylum, and saw blood everywhere. She shook her head and it went away. Wow, maybe I do need to go to an insane asylum again, She thought.

She walked to the office door and opened it. There stood a 10-foot tall clown with blood on it and- She was outside in a flash. Panting, she ran. She didn’t know where, but she went wherever her legs took her. She ended up in a dark alley, and seeing it had no scary things in it, walked down it. She walked into a little pub, but then saw that there were ghosts in there. She ran out.

She ran so far that even the police couldn’t find her. She stood in a tall maze with walls made of corn. She walked in. She didn’t know it was a maze until too late. She had no idea where she was anymore. Just then, she fell to the ground…


She woke up in her bed. Just a dream, she thought, just a dream. Then, there was a harsh knock at the door…