Destyni Eichelberger, Writer

An old but new game called AMONG US. The game was made on June 15, 2018. But now the game has just come popular with the public.

This game mostly got public after many Youtubers and Tiktok Stars started to play the game while showing fans. AMONG US is mostly about 9,8,7 crewmates and 1 to 3 imposters.

The Crewates are the people who do tasks and try to find out who the imposter maybe by the way they are playing the game or just seeing if they kill anyone or vent and go into different rooms.

The Imposter may be very sneaky and try to kill all of the crewmates before everyone finishes their task for the crewmates to win. The game was created by American Game Studio InnerSloth.

The game takes place in a spaceship shuttle when you first join you can pick any name you would like or even any color that no one else has not picked in that game server. The game only will allow 10 people on a server but the person who created the game can start the and whenever.

The game is totally free but you can buy different skins like suits and other things.