Late Start to the NBA

Late Start to the NBA

Max Donnelly, Writer

This season of the NBA will a little postponed and will be starting later in year. The NBA is planing to start games on December 22 but hopes are fading away because many players want to start on MLK day on January 18th. They had their playoffs very late because of covid-19 and now they are postponing the next season until december. As well as a 10 game less season bringing the total games down to 72 games. The Timberwolves will get the first round pick in the draft. Also the Nuggets stadium is being renamed to the Ball Arena from the old Pepsi Center. 

They will hold the playoffs in June allowing NBA stars to go play in the Olympics which got postponed too. The shorter season would mean the players would not get as much money as they are used to. This season will be the 75th season of the NBA. Right now players are voting if they should start on December 22nd. They are also debating if they should keep a 72 game regular season. Lebron James is not happy with the start time.

On November 10 that approved the start time and will have a lot of games on Christmas day. Lebron James thinks it is bad to start the season 71 days after the previous season ended. Which will break the record for closest seasons together. The NBA plans to have 25 to 50 percent of fans. 

The NBA draft will be on November 18th and free agency will begin on November 20th. As well as training camp starting on December 1st. A lot of star players contracts have ended and could be moving to a different team for this upcoming season.