Talks of NBA 2020-21 Season Starting in Late December


Mac Shaw, Writer

As the 2019-20 season finished October 11, there have been talks of next season starting on December 22, According to the Athletic, meaning that the finals teams would have 2 months off before the next season will start. This would be very surprising as most years the players have up to 5 months of depending on their success in the playoffs. The push back on this decision has been huge as many players do not wish to begin on this date.

There are many players wishing to return on January 18. This would give players more time to rest but still not as much as they are used to. What these two start dates are for is financial stability. The NBA ratings went down after the season restarted in the bubble. What this restart could do is bring back that attention into a new season. Additionally, football brings such an attention to it that other sports are put to the side. There are multiple other potential start dates but would then be overshadowed by football. A potential would be February 1st, yet this is SuperBowl weekend and the beginning of a season is very important. Even though the start date hasn’t yet been decided the offseason has and will start on Nov. 20. This will mark the shortest offseason in the NBA’s history.

“December 22 is not even on my mind,” Danny Green said, a Lakers guard. The Lakers won the NBA Finals in October. Even if this start date happened any players wouldn’t come back at the start of the season and might wait weeks or months to come back. Even the commissioner of the NBA, Adam Silver, said he expects the Season won’t start until 2021. Even though this year hasn’t been great for sports, players are still pushing through and wanting to play, even in these tough times.