How to Survive the End of the Trimester

How to Survive the End of the Trimester

Liam Gamache, Writer

The end of the first trimester at McAuliffe is just around the corner, so today we’re going over some advice and tips to make sure you are happy when the report card comes in. 

The first tip is to simply make sure all your assignments are in and how you want them to be. It is vital that you check Infinite Campus and Schoology to make sure everything is turned in. If there is an assignment that you can go back to at any time I would proof-read it to make sure there are no silly errors. On the other hand, on assignments that you can not go back to after submitting it such as a multiple choice quiz, remember to try all of the attempts the quiz allows you to make, so you can get the best grade possible.

Finally, if a test there is any test or assignment you haven’t finished don’t be shy to contact your teacher and (politely) ask if you can have an extension. 

The second piece of advice for surviving the trimester has to do with managing  group projects. We all know that whenever you have a collective grade on an assignment you can’t always trust your group member(s) to follow through on their own, and you don’t want your grade to fall because of something out of your control. So before the trimester ends, it is always good to reach out to group mates on any group assignments and make sure they have done their share of the work. You can try contacting them via schoology or on the google doc/slide you’re working on. If they do not respond or it is evident that they have not done their work, you may have to work with them to get the work done collectively. After all, pitching in a little extra work is worth the better grade. If all else fails though, you may have to contact your teacher about the situation so that she or he can make sure to grade your project appropriately. Remember though, it is your responsibility to take action and make sure your grade is fair.

This final tip is to add a motivation or reward for improving your grade from one trimester to the next. You can work out goals with your parents on grades you want to hit and negotiate a reward for hitting that grade. This will motivate you to work harder and can also make grades a lot less scary and a lot more exciting. And at the end of the day, if you don’t get the grades you wanted don’t get down on yourself and remember that one bad grade in middle school will not determine the path of your life.