WNBA Vs. NBA Pay Difference

WNBA Vs. NBA Pay Difference

Grace Hall, Writer

Ok, hold up! We have a big problem here! Why are the NBA players getting paid way more than the WNBA players! Let’s start with a basic question; what do you watch more, NBA games or WNBA games. You probably just said NBA games didn’t you. But why? Should that make them be paid millions more? No! 


NBA players are all boys and that probably makes you think “they’re tougher” and it’s “more exciting to watch” because they dunk a lot and that’s entertaining and you aren’t wrong. But even though girls don’t dunk on each other as often and maybe “aren’t as rough” it doesn’t mean they should be paid much less than the boys. 


If you don’t believe me look at these stats, LeBron made $37.44 million dollars just this season. Sue bird is a WNBA player and is the starting point guard for the Seattle Storm who won the Championship this year just like LeBron’s Lakers but Sue bird only made $215,000 all this season. You might now say “LeBron’s just better” but actually both players have won 4 titles and were both starting in the finals. This gap in pay is quite startling after examining their almost identical careers.


Ok now that you believe me, why do you think girls get paid way less when they shouldn’t. They are playing the same sport and have both worked hard to become good at their craft. This is wrong and girls should be paid the same; NOT MILLIONS LESS!