The History of Basketball


Brady Cooper, Writer

Some days you might just want to go shoot some hoops. Yes, but have ever thought about the history of basketball. In 1891 a instructor at a college named James Naismith was with his students inside. Normally they would go outside and play football but it was cold so they couldn’t.


 His boss gave him the task to make a new game to keep the athletes fit during the winter. James set right to work. First he decided with peach baskets hung on each end of the gym the players would run from side to side trying to put the soccer ball in the basket. When they scored they would take a break while the janitor climbed up and took out the ball. However later the bottoms were removed.


During the 1900’s the game started to be popular. During that time the first pro league was formed. Also many colleges started having teams. This game wasn’t just for the USA, many other countries started playing as well. This effect traveled throughout the whole world.


Basketball has come a long way since James Naismith invented it. Now it is even a part of the olympics with many different countries playing. The NBA has had and has star players including Micheal Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry and many more. So next time you see a basketball court just think of how amazing it has evolved.