Steelers Bring Dinner To Ballot Counters In Pennsylvania


Addie Newton, Writer

The Pittsburgh Steelers were making sure their poll workers in Allegheny County are well fed on November 4th so they could get those ballots counted.


After a video was shared on Twitter of the Steelers giving the workers rolls, pie, veggies, chicken, and more. In the video, the workers were really thankful and grateful. The Steelers paid for food that fed 65 people. 


“We figured it was a good opportunity to help them give back,” said Amanda Wood, who was an employee at The Goose Express. Amanda was one of the employees that delivered the food. It is not known to which players contributed.


The team also partnered with a foundation so they could help provide 5,000 masks to voting sites in Allegheny County. The poll worker stopped around 2 a.m and started back at it again at 10 a.m, that is not an easy job, and the Steelers and the employees wanted to give back.