Liam Ellis, witter

The Election is happening on November 3d. The too many competitors are Joe Biden and Donald Trump with their partners Mike Pence with Trump and Kimmila Harris with Biden. 

November 3rd came and both of them watched the votes go up and down as people voted. 

Lots of people watching and hoping who they voted for wins.


Kimmila Harris would be the first black woman to be vice president. It was a close run on the first and the second night but on the 3rd-night Biden took the lead and with 252 electoral votes he had to get one other state and we waited and all of a sudden he won penzalyana and won the election. With the global pandemic going on some people think you can not vote but you can by voting online.  


Trump and Biden both have different ways of running America like health care. Trump believes more in trying to overturn Obama care. Biden wants to keep Obama’s care. Trump also likes fossil fuels while Bidens like green energy.  Trump is more strict with immigration where Biden is strict with immigrants but not as much as trump.